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What is life coaching?

When we want to make changes in our lives, but are not sure how to achieve them, we can often feel directionless and even lost.  We work best when we have a direction and goals to work towards.  Life coaching is a wonderful way to help you stay on track with different parts of your life.  As a clinical hypnotherapist I will sometimes use life coaching to help you to achieve your goals.

People can use life coaching to:

  • Improve the balance between work and home life
  • Increase success in their career
  • Improve interpersonal relationships and
  • Gain an overall improvement in well-being

I will work with you to create a life that is balanced so that you are awake to opportunities that come to you both in and out of your work life.

Life coaching is suitable for those who:

  • are in employment and want to improve some area of their work life – perhaps to pursue promotion or deal with particular issues within their current role.
  • are currently looking to change their job, or find new work
  • want to improve performance in a talent or skill, such as a sport or hobby, or in interpersonal effectiveness

My job has always been to listen to what someone wants, and to help them to achieve that.  If there are emotional blocks that are getting in the way and stopping you from achieving your goals then I will help you to move past those blocks.

It isn't necessary for me to use hypnosis when I work with life coaching, but I do find it reinforces plans and can bring clarity to a situation.

Some people benefit from seeing me for coaching on a monthly basis, and others once a fortnight.  I am also willing to do life coaching sessions by Skype, but prefer to work face-to-face.  Between sessions you would work on specific tasks and objectives.

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