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A few words about testimonials

The National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) allows members to show testimonials only if they comply with the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) rules; that they are genuine and that clients have given permission for their use.  I really appreciate the generosity of clients who have kindly given testimonials.

Client confidentiality is paramount for me, so no details are given which might identify individuals.   The testimonals listed below are held on file.

"Hi Peb,  I thought you might like to know that last Wednesday I did my first paid performance for many years.  I was the headline act and I did 45 minutes of my own material - to a packed house.   I was supremely confident, thoroughly enjoyed myself, and I blew the roof off!   I have been booked to come back again.  Thank you for your help in getting me back on track"  SN (Semi-professional singer,  Stage Fright)   

 "Peb changed my life. She was my shoulder to cry on - a kind, passionate and thoughtful individual. A teacher, a listener and gave me the key to unlock the door to my future and close the door of my past. I would recommend her services to anyone struggling with the things that life throws at us. Thank you for everything Peb. X"  (AC.  Self Esteem, Self Judgement and Perfectionism)

"I really wanted to say that you have completely transformed my life and I will be eternally grateful to you.  I am living such a good life now and I'm very happy.  I wasn't sure what I wanted when I came to see you but you have surpassed all my expectations and I feel the best version of myself that I could be - I feel bulletproof!

For  the first time since my Grandmother died 35 years ago I feel that I'm not living in the past.  I think of her and my father with fond memories and not with the sandness I had been feeling.

When I first saw you and told you that I wanted to be a pebble at the bottom of a stream protected from my own and other people's negative emotions I didn't think it would be possible and I'm astounded that I have achieved this!  I also don't try to fix things for other people which is so liberating.  All the work you did with me has fortified me against the low moods and mentally I feel strong. (MD Anxiety, Grief, Intrusive thoughts)

"I had an audition for a *******  ***** a couple of weeks ago and it was the best and most confident I have felt for a long time. Still waiting to hear but I think my positive attitude was entirely due to the work we did together. Many thanks. Professional Actor  (Stage fright)

"I went to Peb with the primary objective of working through unresolved grief and trauma following the untimely passing of my Father 5 years ago. Following some challenging but uplifting sessions, along with some solo work at home, listening to the peaceful taped meditation that Peb recorded from our sessions - I began to feel a shift.  After what I believe was only a few weeks I can truly say that I came to genuine peace and healing around this difficult time in my life

I am free of the heavy weight I had been carrying which had inevitably seeped into other areas of my life - so so very many other things and relationships are better as a result.

In addition IBS has been an issue for me since my early teens and the more Peb and I met this came into conversation.  She explained the power of the subconscious mind and how some re-programming through hypnotherapy could really help.  Again, after just a very few sessions this dis-ease that has been plaguing my life for so long actually eased - I am free of this too now.

The stresses and strains of daily life can often provide a challenge but the flare ups that I would have expected to get do not now happen.  Importantly, if I do feel under the weather or under pressure Peb has equipped me with understanding and coping strategies to ease myself through.

I would not hesitate to recommend Peb and her approach to holistic healing and good health.  She is a lovely light spirit and a consummate professioal - she really has changed my life"  JC  

"I have found the visualisation and hypnotherapy extremely powerful.  Also the rewiring of a past memory was useful and I feel I am still feeling the benefits of these practices.  Peb is warm and welcoming and I felt safe exploring fragile sensitive topics with her.  She has a positive and realistic attitude.  Her techinques for bringing me back into the moment I still use with great effect.  OL  (Anxiety, self worth and self esteem)

"My session was a very positive experience overall, a very relaxed atmosphere, the discusion clearly identified patterns of behaviour and ways to change.   Very effective.  I haven't had a single cigarette since!  JM   (Stop Smoking - feedback received 2 months later) 

"I feel that Peb definitely helped me improve my mental state from heavy bouts of depression and anxiety.  I was judgemental to begin with but found the hypnotherapy great for me.  I found things started working very fast after the first session and I felt more comfortable as time went on .  Felt like I could relax and be myself.  There was nothing I didn't enjoy about working with Peb, sometimes it was a bit of tough love which I wasn't expecting but ended up helping me.   DB  (Depression)  

"Going to Peb at Be Free has made me more stronger, I step back and look at life better.  I am not afraid on getting on and doing things now.  I enjoyed the calm of when I entered her office, so quiet, peaceful, then Peb talked me through what we do to make it all better, best of all Peb listened."  GF    (Traumatic memories, panic attacks and associated fears) 

"Just wanted to say a big Thank You!!  You have helped me in sooo many ways and I'm sure in some ways I am yet to even realise.  With the skills and practices you have taught me about I feel confident that I will be able to face challenges with inner strength and in much more calm fashion.  It really is a gift that just keeps on giving!  I feel excited about how this would open more new doors for me!!!  Thank you again and wishing you all the best"    MS  

"What was really effective was how you helped to tackle all of the issues that I had. I enjoyed being able to talk freely about all of the concerns in my life and to understand how to make positive changes.  I really appreciated your honesty and the straightforward way in which you helped me to view the fears and concerns I had. I feel stronger and more confident in every way. I no longer dwell on the past and I feel determined to tackle the issues I face in the future in a completely different way. I don't feel afraid to speak my mind anymore. I feel able to manage my thoughts (particularly negative ones) I also really enjoyed trying hypnotherapy. It is something that I seem to resond very well to!              KS     (trust issues and inability to control intrusive thoughts) 

"Thank you for helping 'L' overcome such difficulties.  I know that without your professional guidance and support, not just with the hypnotherapy, but also with your expertise in dealing with these problems 'L' may not have overcome this.   Once again many thanks"       DP     (Mother of 13 year old with anxiety and thumbsucking habit)

"Thank you for helping me overcome my OCD habits!  And build my confidence."      BS     (19 year old with long term OCD patterns of behaviour)

"I just want to say a big thank you for support you have given me through my journey.  You have been a great support and I couldn't  have done it without.  My world feels brighter and more beautiful because of you.  I will promise to keep up the hard work and keep improving my life."     GB   (anger management and trust issues)  

"Firstly I hope you are well!  Just an update on how I am getting on back at uni.  Overall there has been a massive change!  I have become so much more relaxed, no more overthinking and I'm able to handle stress better; I no longer have mood swings. People/friends are starting to take more time to talk to me. Stop and Stop the world has been very useful too. It's like the walls I had are gone. I have been devising a show for one of my 3rd year assessments and I have noticed the change there too. My ability to improvise on the spot when creating work has improved dramatically. I have a good relationship with the director and fellow cast members. We just performed our first show yesterday and I was stunned at how easy it was to perform! Before therapy it can only be described as a 'life and death' situation for me but now it's almost effortless.  I also use techniques like Making Connections and plummeting during performance to great effect!  I mentioned to my teacher I got help because he sat me down and asked how I was starting my final year but other than that no one else knows, I purposefully don't want to mention it to others. I think in the moment too ratehr than dwelling on what happened before.  Hopefully I've covered everything but as you can see it's been astonishing and my attitude and behaviour has changed seemlessly.  Thank you so much for making this possible. Best wishes      BB   (University Student with social and performance anxiety) 

"I feel so much better and more than anything so much calmer. The weekend has been a bit mixed - couple of huge "moments"'and another one involving my 19 year old.....but the positive thing is that I was able to turn the situations round and most importantly haven't got those recurrent negative thoughts in my head! Will continue to use all the material and recordings you have sent me and do feel that I can move forward in a much more positive manner.  With very best wishes and thanks".      JL   (Intrusive thoughts, worry and anxiety)

"I've been meaning to email to say that S is doing brilliantly. Since the first day he decided to go back into the lunch hall he has been in every day. After the initial retching, he has now stopped and he is doing great and is much happier. So a great big THANK YOU                  RF   (Mother of 9 year old with emetophobia in public places)

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