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Be Free offers two Mindfulness courses : an 8 week programme and a 4 week Introductory course

The Be Free Mindfulness courses are run by Peb Thomas, an accredited teacher of Mindfulness Meditation. She teaches powerful methods such as meditation, and body awareness practices, within a supportive educational workshop format.

Be Free with Mindfulness 8 week programme

Have you thought about how it would be to stay calm and balanced no matter what turns up along your life journey?

  • find a profound appreciation of life itself
  • to greatly improve your ability to handle situations which are stressful
  • to really take responsibility for improving your health and well-being
  • discover peace of mind and balance in personal and work relationships
  • get to really know your body, and lose muscular tension without effort


  • face change, testing and difficult times in your life with greater ease

When you explore mindfulness you will find that it is about being 'present' to each new moment as it happens: pleasurable moments, fun times, even tough times. When we're able to do this naturally and effortlessly, stressful situations are less likely to overwhelm us. We may also develop a richer appreciation of life itself, and a deeper experience of moments of joy, laughter and connection withthose we love.

You don't have to practise yoga or be a regular meditator to experience the peace of mind and well-being to be found in mindfulness! In fact most participants have never meditated before.

Course information

The course is participatory,  supportive and structured, gently introducing various mindfulness meditation practicess which include sitting, walking and the informal cultivation of mindfulness in everyday life.  In order to benefit fully from this training, participants are asked to make a commitment to practice between sessions.

The course has no religious content and is suitable for beginners.  No physical exertion or difficult sitting positions are required, however we do explore some mindful movement and gentle stretching.

Please contact Peb for further information.

Cost of a place on the Be Free with Mindfulness course is £250. (a 10% Early Bird discount is available) .  The course fee includes:

  • Initial no obligation telephone chat - a 15 minute interview to answer any questions you may have, and discuss whether the course is right for you at this time.
  • 8 weekly classes - 2 hour sessions, with mindfulness meditation and/or mindful movment (easy to do Yoga), group exercises and discussions.
  • Home practice information - approx 40 minutes each day, doing mindfulness meditations and/or gentle mindful movements, as well as mindful daily life activities.
  • Mindfulness MP3 downloads, Workbook and Journal - to support you in your mindfulness practice and learning, offering an opportunity for reflection of your experiences.

Introduction to Mindfulness:  4 week course for beginners or refreshers

This gentle introductory course is perfect if you want to learn what mindfulness is but don’t have the time for the full 8 week programme. This short course gives you the opportunity to explore and experience some of the benefits of mindfulness and bring it into your daily life

You will learn how mindfulness can help you to interrupt unhelpful thinking patterns and stay focused on the present moment.   You will discover how this can reduce anxiety and calm your response to stress.

Over four weeks you will learn lots of techniques and experience guided mindfulness meditation with others in a small group.  You will be encouraged to practice at home so that you can really experience the positive physical and mental effects that mindfulness meditation can bring.  We will explore your relationship with your own body and mind, and also how you interact with others and the wider world.

The course consists of four, 1 hour, weekly sessions.  The course fee is £70

Upcoming courses:

     1st, 8th, 15th & 22rd March 2018.  Afternoon group - 1.30pm to 2.30pm. 

     1st, 8th, 15th & 22rd March 2018.  Evening group - 7.30pm - 8.30pm.

The Introduction to Mindfulness course runs in Henley in Arden.  Numbers are strictly limited due to the size of the groups.

As part of the course you will be given handouts, a journal and support material such as mp3 downloads of mindfulness meditations.

What previous participants have said about these courses...

"It was particularly helpful in forcing myself to take 'time out' for me every day.  Learning to enjoy the ' here and now' rather than worrying about the future/past.  'Mindful Breathing' is very useful, especially when  stressed at work"

"I am now much less anxious/breathiness when busy at work. Less likely to lose my temper with children if they are arguing."

"I have learned a healthy and joy inducing technique to make quiet the unnecessary noise of thoughts, images and  negative suggestions that I have, until now, only been able to achieve chemically"

"I can now concentrate more at work, not let things get to me, have time for myself, try to be happier and am calmer now."

"I have enjoyed feeling special, giving myself time, appreciating my body.  This has helped me to look at my world in a more positive way and to be non judgemental (to me)."

"Now I am calmer at work and with people who I find very difficult to work with!  My approach to this has changed with Mindfulness."

"A positive change in my life that has improved my well being."

"Really enjoyed the course - didn't want it to end!"

"Being mindful, especially when highly stressed, has allowed me to find my centre of stillness."

"I sleep much better, easier and am much less likely to stress over work related issues. In fact I have slowed down in all aspects of my life remove me from joy. I have taken a step back and become more observant of the moment."

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