Be Free - Clinical Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching


Hypnotherapy and BWRT is suitable for children from around the age of 7 (who would be accompanied by parent or guardian) and adults of all ages.

How long will it take?

Very often clients find that they experience some positive changes in one session, but most clients need to attend for between 4 and 6 sessions.

It is usual for therapy sessions to be on a weekly basis, and life coaching sessions to be on a monthly or fortnightly basis.

I promise that I will not ask you to attend for longer than is helpful for you to attain what you need.

How much will it cost?

Hypnotherapy, BWRT and Life Coaching - initial consultation 30 mins session
An opportunity to have a short discussion about your needs and any concerns FREE
Hypnotherapy, BWRT and Life Coaching - standard sessions Fee per hour
Monday to Thursday (sessions beginning before 4.30pm) £70
Out of hours (evenings and Saturday morning by arrangement) £80
Session length
Intake session Up to 2 hours
Subsequent sessions 1 hour or 90 mins (dependent on therapy and client needs)
Be Free Stop Smoking 1 ½ hours*
Monday to Thursday (sessions beginning before 4.00pm) £160
Out of hours (evenings and Saturday morning by arrangement) £175

*Only one session is usually necessary but an additional session is offered within 3 months of the initial appointment at no extra cost if needed.


48 Hours notice (two working days) is required for cancellation of an appointment, Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice or non-attendance will be charged in full.


Please be aware that, as with any therapeutic intervention, no guarantee can be given or implied. Payment is made for the time and experience of the hypnotherapist.


Payments accepted in cash, by debit or credit card.

My role

I will listen to you, to understand you and your situation and your challenges.  I will ask questions to get to know your strengths, your concerns, hopes and wishes.  I will use the information you give me to shape a way forward for you.  I will devise an individual path for you in therapy, using hypnosis and any other tools that I believe will be helpful for you to achieve what you need to.  I will ask you to work in partnership with me so that your time is well used to get results.

Your role

I will support, and guide, and suggest ways to help you achieve what you need to.  However I am not in control of what you will actually do, and so you have to understand your responsibilities.  You should be committed to working on yourself, to take an active part in moving forward and to be open and willing to engage with me to achieve this.

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